7 Content Marketing Tips 2016

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7 Content Marketing Tips 2016

7 Content Marketing Tips 2016 You Need To Know To Help Your Mansfield Business Get More Leads

content marketing can drive customers to your businessMansfield businesses will need to use Content marketing as it’s going to be more important in 2016 than ever before. We’ve already seen a lot of interesting innovations this year and more are promising to come. Here are 7 content marketing tips 2016. Use these tips to stay ahead of the competition and at the top of Google’s organic rankings.

7. Replying To Tweets To Increase Visibility.

Replying to Tweets isn’t a new concept or practice, but it does often go overlooked. More importantly, replying to Tweets that are sharing your content. By replying to these Tweets you are pushing them back to the top of the news feed for people who are in both of your audiences. You don’t need to do this to every single Tweet sharing your content, but doing it for the important content can make a difference.

6. Learn To Repurpose Existing Content.

It is never easy learning to repurpose content. After all, content feels done for once it has been used. In actuality, a lot of companies reuse their old content in new ways. It saves time, money, and it’s always nice to squeeze some extra juice out of old content. You can try reconstructing large blocks of content for new industries or just pulling some quotes to share on social media.

5. Take Advantage Of Reddit.

Reddit is another interesting content marketing tool that is going to get a lot of use in 2016. It is also a great way to get more use out of older content. Use an additional tool like Buzzsumo to find which content from your site has been shared the most. Then link that content on a relevant Reddit board. You’ll get some immediate traffic if done correctly.

4. Don’t Try To Monetize Your Content Just Yet.

As a businessman or woman, you probably have the urge to make money from your content right away. It sounds like a great idea, but it’s actually best to wait until you actually rank somewhere decent. If you can afford to wait until you are in Google’s top list of ranking sites, then do it. Ranking is easier when you aren’t trying to make money from people on the spot.

3. Focus On Delivering Content Faster.

People want their content as fast as possible. This means you need to improve page load speeds wherever you can. One way to do this is by utilizing a content distribution network(CDN). A CDN is a network of servers across the globe that all have cached versions of your content. When someone accesses that content it is delivered by the nearest physical server, which cuts down on page load speeds tremendously.

2. Master The Art Of Storytelling.

This one might take some time, but if you are able to master the art of storytelling you can really turn up the engagement with your content. People are more likely to read from start to finish and to follow along any recommended links. It’s a tricky business, but one that really pays off in the end.

1. Don’t Forget About Visualizations.

If you are creating written content, then it’s easy to push the visualizations to the side. However, videos and images are extremely powerful tools. They increase engagement and capture the reader’s attention.

Still Relevant Next Year.

These 7 content marketing tips 2016 will still be relevant as the new year rolls around. 2017 will surely bring with it some new surprises, new tips, and new strategies, but these tried and true tips aren’t going anywhere yet.

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