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SEO Small Business Tips

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SEO Tips For Small Business

Mistakenly, lots of people think that SEO (search engine optimisation) is only suited for large businesses – those big name brands that can very well afford to launch a full blown SEO and marketing campaign without budget restrictions. I’m quickly going to mention some actionable SEO tips for small businesses that will help get your site improved in terms of online marketing
For example, well-established brands like General Electric, McDonald’s, and Amazon are just some of the companies that put a huge emphasis on online presence, reach, and searchability. However, as we’ll discuss small business owners need to consider the potential of local online business marketing, using techniques like search engine optimisation combined with many others to employ a strategy called search engine marketing (SEM) for example SEO Mansfield or SEO business in Pleasley. Using location modifiers makes searching on mobile or tablet easier to locate a business.

Local Search Engine Optimisation Business Model – You Must Go Local

So, with SEO, there’s always this perception that everything should be global in scope. This kind of thinking doesn’t really help
small, local business owners (especially those who are not that internet savvy to begin with) to get on board with search
optimisation. They might think “What’s exactly the whole point of this SEO business?” or “Why compete in the online realm, when
everything’s monopolized by the big guys?”

But, the times are a-changin’. Google, unarguably the world’s biggest search engine, has been releasing updates in the last couple
of years that pushed local search into the spotlight. The most prominent of these updates was the fan-named “Pigeon,” that was released
in July last year. This new algorithm aimed to provide more accurate local search results on top of the traditional social signals
model that it seemed to rely on in the past few years.

So, when relying on a company or freelance to provide you with SEM do make sure they work to industry standards that are safe and work long into the future. The last thig you need is to find your site subject to a penalty and have to pay out for other services to help restore your web properties to good standing.

When creating your local business online with advertising and marketing an additional benefit is your site becomes more authoritative and you build in a level of trust online that consumers and of course, the search engines love. You’ll get lots of targeted social signals with comments reviews and recommendations, which will push you higher up the rankings.

If all of the above doesn’t convince you, here are a few more reasons why you need to jump on the local SEO bandwagon right now:


1. Small Business As Employers The Numbers Show it All

LOTS of People Love (and Shop From) Local Businesses, Of course, the national chains and big brands make up the brunt of most industries, but a lot of marketers are setting their sights onto areas where future potential growth is high.

And this is where local businesses come in.

According to a study made by marketing company Yodle, patrons of local businesses are actually larger in number than what you would
expect from a consumer economy saturated with big name brands. In the US, 82% of consumers use local businesses on a regular basis,
with a significant majority of them actually PREFERRING to patronise local enterprises over their larger counterparts.

There’s also the fact that small and medium-sized businesses (defined here as an enterprise with less than 20 employees) make up at
least ninety percent of employer businesses in the US. In the UK, 62% (3.3 million) were sole proprietorships.These small-time shops and “mom-and-pop” stores are recognized as the backbone
of the economy, so growth in these fields in the next few years is an expected outcome.

2. Any Local Company Will Absolutely Love Local Search Results Google Fashion

SEO in Mansfield for small business owners

And this is evident not just in the recent Pigeon update alone. Google constantly makes changes to its search algorithm, usually tweaking it with significant changes to reflect market trends and enhance user experience). Those who are keeping up with all of these Google algorithm changes and updates would know that the last few years has seen this venerable search company putting more
emphasis into local results. While a company’s history, public reputation, and perceived authority are usually the main determinants in the search engine ranking system, Google has shown a slight bias to newer, smaller, nimbler, and more social media-savvy businesses.

You also have to put in the fact that Google actually provides the tools that enable smaller, locally-based businesses to keep up with the big boys, for FREE. Google Analytics, Keyword Tool, Adwords- all of these, if used properly, can enable even a fledgling business compete even with some of the most established brands in the industry.

3. Small Business Location Important As Competition Grows 

Business Owners Will Start to Find Smaller, More Specific Niches.
More and more businesses are popping up by the day. Establishing visibility and presence might be hard for users of traditional SEO,
so they need to find smaller niches to make them stand out more. Establishing your niche is easier when you optimise your site for geo-modified
local terms, and push out more local-oriented content. This kind of targeted market-building is infinitely a lot better than what you
can get from traditional marketing channels. It attracts hyper-targeted potential customers.

4. Local Mobile Social Marketing Experts

Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets now have the computing power that can rival even the latest of desktop computers and
laptops. These devices are so powerful in fact, that they have become the main gadget of choice for people wanting to access the
Internet. They’re convenient and fast- you can easily access a wealth of information with just a simple swipe of the screen.

Now, as usage of these kinds of devices grows over the years, it is expected that proximity-based searches (i.e. search queries that
are hyper-localized) will also increase exponentially. Local mobile marketing services in Alfreton for example, imagine asking your phone where the nearest coffee shop? Or what nearby shop you can buy a coveted pair of jeans from or find and talk to a plumber. Using tap to call on your mobile website gives you endless marketing opportunities for your firm.

5. Things You Should Know About Local Digital Marketing Campaigns

Online-Digital-marketing-for-small-businessesDon’t settle for generic descriptions. Using really simple SEO for local business owners do make sure to add good informational content your website with words and terms that most people associate with local businesses, such as “personalised service,” “locally owned” “custom handiwork,” “original and unique” and other such phrases. These
kinds of terms would put emphasis on the fact that your business is local and provides a service or product that is vastly different
than what most consumers are used to. You should also include information on your landing pages that prominently shows your local
presence- like neighborhood maps and address with clear titles like painter and decorators Mansfield Nottinghamshire.

Next, you should put up more content that is tailored for your local community. If your business is based in a small town or city, then you
can focus your SEO and marketing efforts there first, through targeted ads, promotions, and such.
And lastly, ask your local customers for reviews! There are businesses that are afraid of opening up their online pages to reviewers.
However, this is just detrimental in the long run. Local reviews show that you are a trusted part of your community and are willing to
engage with your customers no matter what opinion they may have of you. This is the kind of professionalism that most consumers
expect from local businesses and one that can help you stand out from the rest. These kinds of changes to your SEO tactics are easy
enough to implement and use in your marketing campaigns. I myself can be found on the main search engines when you type in SEO Derby


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