Small Businesses In Mansfield An SEO Plan

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Small Businesses In Mansfield An SEO Plan

Mansfield SEO Plan to Boost Your Brand


Run A Mansfield Business – Here Are 5 Ways To Boost Your Brand Awareness Using Facebook

With over 1.49 billion active monthly users, Facebook continues to be the most valuable social media platform used by small and
large businesses alike. Most companies have increased their ad spend to allow more of Facebook marketing. According to a recent
report, published in Hubspot, 55% of marketers worldwide have increased their digital marketing budgets to allow more for Facebook
promotions and advertisements.

In fact, more than 52% of these marketers have found customers on a regular basis using Facebook. If you don’t include Facebook
promotions in your marketing campaign, you are leaving a large share of money on the table. This article provides information on 5
ways to boost your brand awareness using one of the most popular social outlets, Facebook.

1. Reduce Your Facebook Promotional or Ad Spend

Instead of constantly bombarding your consumers with promotional articles and links, let your readers, customers or clients know a
little bit more about your personal life. It will add a personal feel to your Facebook business page. For instance, if you enjoyed a
vacation or had something interesting happen to you recently, let your fans know about it through pictures and text. It adds variety
to your page, and you will be able to connect with them on a more personal level. Follow the 80/20 rule and add 80% business-related
and 20% personal posts.

2. Run A fb Contest

There is something about contests that simply drive your viewers and prospects wild. Creating a simple contest will help rapidly
gain you a consumer base. You have total control over the amount of money you put out on a contest with all the micro adjustments
available in the facebook business advert page. Put the initial work, in organising the contest and your consumers will immediately
begin participating with shares and likes. Ask your consumers to make a comment on your post and refer their friends to get more
entries for the contest. These types of contests tend to grow fast and add more power to your marketing efforts on Facebook.

3. Respond To Comments: It’s Good Customer Service

Whatever comments are on your page they need to be responded to immediately or as soon as possible. Social media is the only
platform where you can engage your audience on a regular basis. Your business can directly speak with your customers or potential
customers on any issues that matter to them. This is an extremely important component of a social media campaign which should not be
neglected by the business. Many businesses receive positive press for openly engaging with their consumers in a dialog about their
products or services. It is one of the best ways to increase brand awareness and build trust that leads to referrals.

4. You Have To Have A Call To Action

Often, it takes a sense of urgency to give your consumers a reason to visit your website or purchase your product or service. This
can mean informing your audience that the first 10 or 20 people who post on their wall, buy your product/service or give their
opinion on a particular product gets a promotional item from your company. You will be amazed at what a consumer would do when he or
she knows their time is limited to respond to a call to action.

5. Use Facebook Advertising
Facebook advertising has worked incredibly well for many companies to enhance their brand awareness and increase sales. Facebook ads
have a significant amount of control compared to other advertising methods. You can cut right into your core demographics and target
your ads to a very specific category of Facebook users. Facebook paid advertising can not only increase your brand awareness but
conversions too.

6. Your Small Business Has to use facebook

Conclusion, Facebook will thrive as an important marketing tool for the foreseeable future. If you are still not using Facebook to
improve brand awareness of your business, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. All businesses should benefit from facbook
advertising and it will be part of any comprehensive SEO marketing plan for Mansfield local businesses.





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