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Business SEO In Mansfield

Mansfield’s Small Business SEO Tips


Search Engine Marketing companyLocal businesses need a good search engine optimisation company. Competition has never been so fierce in local markets. Services like business SEO in Mansfield  are no different. I have been working online for many years and see the benefit of a search engine marketing plan to shore up a business from cheap marketing competition who only believe in dropping price day in and day out. This leaves a business in peril as you will have to cut service to keep dropping prices. Unless you know what you are doing. The freemium theory does work, but only if you have a back end with up sells and cross sells. In other words, a marketing strategy to help drive sales.

New inexperienced startups think they are growing by getting new patrons in the door with free products or services. If you do nothing else then you are unwittingly dooming your enterprise to slow down and failure. Just look at some of the past airline companies. Freemium, can grow your customer base but you still need to sell more “things” to get a turnover and then try to switch them to a really profitable product or service. Then keep in touch provide useful information and then selectively make an irresistible offer to get them to make a repeat or second purchase over the coming months and years.

Yes, I hear the penny drop. For all this to work you need to know the lifetime value of a customer or client and work out how much you can spend on each new lead into your funnel. If you have to give free stuff or highly discounted things away to get them into your marketing machine thats ok. just follow up and take note of the points above. You will know how much this figure is and theoretically, this is what you can spend to advertise, market and pay hard costs to acquire this client as you know you will over their lifetime of patronage you will make follow-on sales. So, in some respects if you have a marketing technique that delivers “X” customers per campaign regularly and is less than their lifetime value you really wouldn’t want a finalised marketing budget would you. You just keep on running the campaign over and over to keep growing your profit.

Remember, getting a new customer is the most expensive activity a small business can make. The best strategy is to try and keep existing customers longer and re-activate old customers who haven’t been to you for some time. Then work your current customers to give you referrals. Provide great customer service and you may not have to ask for many referrals.

Online marketing, and particularly Search engine optimisation is one facet of a plan to get you to grow and prosper. Be seen in the main search engines, and above your competitors, will grow your website’s authority and relevance. This is so important as most of your new customers, clients or patients will come from mobile web search & recommendations by Google. Google search engine is always growing and it’s links to local searches and in this case through Google my Business. Think, of a prospect walking in town typing or using a voice request from Siri on their mobile device ” Find me a wedding cake shop in Mansfield” These searches are too precious to ignore and when they get that reply it should be your business they get recommended. Only of course if your are a wedding cake creator, though.

Mobile marketing and video engagement for local small businesses is the future, ignore it at your peril.







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