Reputation Management

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Reputation Management

Establishing Managing And Protecting Your Online Reputation

 Reputation Management Using Social Media

Manage your personal or companies Reputation Online which Can Reduce the Effects of Any Negativity In Public Perception

It is important when you are running a business or other enterprise that everyone concerned with it, whether they are business partners, customers, suppliers or even employees, look at your company as one they are proud and happy to be associated with. This will only happen if you have a reputation for honesty, good service, good products, quality, ethical business practices and a responsive customer service.

Managing your reputation needs your being constantly aware of how you are perceived by all the people who are associated with you and getting a constant flow of information, which tells you where you stand. A good reputation takes years to build up, but can be easily destroyed by a single negative event or incident, that spreads, and this can have disastrous consequences on sales and profits. Fortunately, the internet is one medium that allows you to keep a constant watch on the perceptions of the outside world so that you can survey your standing by using online checks.

The management of reputation has to be proactive and part of a social marketing strategy. Information must be constantly disseminated that ranks high in search engines and keeps positive points about your enterprise at the forefront of any content. You also need to respond immediately to any negative comments or press reports, and counter them with facts and mitigating circumstances.

Online Reputation Management

Reputation management online is something quite different from public relations. These may have some common elements and also similar goals, which are the ultimate aim of both exercises. The idea behind public relations is to ensure that you are constantly perceived in a positive fashion by the community that is involved with your business and also to help you get feedback from them. Reputation management on the other hand, is to make a well-directed effort to minimize the effects of any bad publicity. It requires that you constantly monitor everything that is said about your business in any media and in any part of the world. Once you set up such a monitoring system it becomes easy to counter bad publicity and gain a control over the way issues are being discussed or perceived. It is important that equal attention be given to both public relations and reputation management in all online marketing strategies.

It is not possible to control search engine rankings of any web pages that have gained visibility in search engines and that carry information that is damaging to a company’s reputation. But it is possible, to use SEO to drive down bad reviews and ensure that any reply you make about this negative publicity receives the same ranking and appears side by side with the negative content. This will enable viewers of the websites to gain a balanced view of the issue, and if your rebuttal contains the proper verifiable facts, it can go a long way in assuring your company of a better reputation.

Reputation management must be always kept in mind and not brought into play once issues or events have caused damage to a company’s name. Managing it online is possible with properly set up systems that keep a constant watch on information that concerns your business. Keeping fresh posts with interesting content and answering questions on social media will also help address the problem of bad comments online.


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