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A Business Referral – Accountancy Derby

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Having worked as a small business owner for many years, I found out to my own cost that you never want to mess with the big boys. That’s people or organisations with power and reach. Take my advice and just stay off their radar, by staying in their guidelines.

I hear you say what on earth is this man talking about? Well I mean don’t get noticed by organisations like HMRC, or customs and excise. They have this unusual gift of finding the most minuscule of irregularities and create an endless process of questions and procedures to follow. They request an array of documents that in many cases have no bearing on the original irregularity and are thinking they’ll find ¬†a whole new trail to follow. If that doesn’t satisfy them they could invoke some medieval law to look back further and still further into your affairs all at your own expense!

Simpler, if you find someone who knows and understands this and can give sound advice to keep you on the straight and narrow and can prevent it happening in most cases. Yes, I’m talking about tax inspections, but being prepared by having someone in your corner whom you can trust.

Having gone through good and not so good accountancy firms over the years, I gave myself a challenge to find the Best Accountants in Derby, which would be a local company, that would provide me with a service to help both now and in the future with accountancy and tax planning advice. After speaking to a number of people I found an accounting group that I thought would fit the bill. Well, I think I’ve succeeded.

Take a look at my short unrehearsed video where I make a recommendation.

Best accountants in Derby review 01773252048

The best accountants in Derby review for the self-employed and tax advice. After many years using a few different accountants it was a pleasure to find this company just down the road.


I liked working with these guys and their accountancy services are sound and reliable.


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