Long Tail Keywords for Marketing Small Businesses in Ripley

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Long Tail Keywords for Marketing Small Businesses in Ripley

Small or Medium Business In Ripley Derbyshire Should Focusing On Long Tail Keywords To Get More Phone Calls

If you are marketing a small business and hope to get more leads don’t follow the old tactics and aim for the biggest and most competitive keywords

Long Tail Key Words For Optimisation in The Search Engines

Keyword research strategies in the past have mainly focused on the big ticket and high search volume keywords and phrases. It was commonly accepted that you had to go after those terms with the highest volume of search traffic as it would drive more prospects to your website than anything else.
However, such a strategy is very difficult and costly to implement, as the more search traffic there is, generally the more competitive it will be to rank for. It also completely ignores the power of long-tail-keywords and the huge benefits these can bring to small businesses at a fraction of the effort and cost.

digital marketing agency providing SEO in Mansfield in north Nottinghamshire NG18What are Long-Tail-Keywords? When compared to “head” keywords, these search terms and phrases generally contain more words and attract a lot less search traffic per month. They derive their name not from the fact that they are usually longer phrases, but because of their location on a search term chart. Such a chart trends down towards the right making it look like the long tail of a lizard.
An example can be demonstrated with the following. The term “insulation Illinois” gets searched for thousands of times per month and you would think that an insulation contractor in Chicago may want to target this keyword. However, to rank for such a term will take a very large and expensive effort and big time investment, making it prohibitive for small business. The solution is to go after more specific phrases like “insulation contractor Chicago” or even down as low as a specific suburb.

The great thing is that while “insulation contractor Chicago” does not have huge search volume, there are literally dozens of variations of this term, like “insulation contractor in Chicago” or “Chicago insulation contractor”; the list just goes on.

What Are Their Benefits of good keyword research?


Here are some of the main benefits to targeting these keywords in your marketing strategy:

1 – There Are Lots Of Them

The longer the phrase becomes the more variations people will type into the search engine including typos. There can be hundreds of variations, all driving less than a handful of visitors to your site, but these quickly add up to very large amounts of link clicking visitors.

2 – Higher Conversion

The longer the search phrase is the more specific it is as well. Taking our above example, someone searching for a contractor in your specific service area is more likely to hire you than someone at the other end of the state who happens to be using a very broad “head” search phrase.

3 – Less Competitive

All these long tail searches have very low competition because very few people directly target them. This makes it a lot easier to rank for and benefit from them.

How Low Should You Go?

Long-tail-keywords can often bring in less than 5 visitors per month, but when you manage to attract dozens or hundreds of such terms then you will see huge benefits to your website traffic. The answer to this question is basically as low as possible. Any possible search term that relates to your business or product should be targeted, as it will bring in highly qualified traffic looking for exactly what you offer.

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